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Character: Lyna Mahariel
Series: Dragon Age: Origins
Age: 20 -ish, game never fully states. Sometimes still referred to as 'child', though recognized as a hunter. (And game time is never fully revealed, though assumed to be lengthy, given character conversation with Wynn as mage origin, and Blight takes a year to end)
Basics (wiki)
- Dalish Origin
- Origins Plot
- Awakening (Orlisian Warden Commander, events happened after warden's death)
- The Golems of Amgarrak (did not complete, events happened after warden's death)
- Witch Hunt (did not complete, events happened after warden's death)
Detailed (char specific only)
- Origin
Found out about her past from Ashalle
Willingly allowed Merrill to accompany in search for Tamlen
Did not want to go back without further searching after Duncan destroyed mirror
- Ostagar
Assisted caged prisoner
Assisted kennel master with flower from wilds
- Redcliff
Aided town by preparing, joining in battle
Found Owen's daughter in palace
Got Tower help to enter Fade (Isolde lived)
Saved Connor, demon defeated)
- Tower of Magi (Broken Circle)
Saved the mages, killed abominations Irving lived)
Found Flemeth's Grimoire, gave to Morrigan
- Dalish (Nature of the Beast)
Brokered peace, freed werewolves from curse.
- Orzamar (A Paragon of Her Kind)
Destroyed Anvil of the Void
Harrowmont made ruler
- Warden's Keep
Did not partake of Avernus' potion
Killed Avernus
- Denerim (Landsmeet)
Killed Loghain
Alistair made ruler

Canon Point: Just prior to delivering the killing blow to the archdemon

Personality: Lyna is somewhat of a loner and recluse. As an infant, her mother chose death rather than live without her father, and she was raised by the clan. She was always a bit of an outcast, given the circumstances of her parent's death, and was only ever really close to Tamlen, her closest confidant. There was another whom she felt an attachment to, given that their circumstances were quite similar, but she never spoke to Merrill about her feelings.

As one of two surviving Wardens, Lyna was placed in the position of leadership, and it was only when she was trying to unite everyone against the darkspawn threat that she became truly aware of how bad things were between the Dalish and the humans. She saw this as her opportunity to change that, and gave selflessly of herself, doing all that she could to help others in need. It didn't always please some of those she traveled with, but she didn't care. She knew what was right, and did what was right.

She has sense of justice and fairness, and stands up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves. Though she is somewhat slow to making friends, she is fiercely loyal to those that she calls friends.

Skills and Abilities:

First Person Sample: It's been about a year since I left my home, the Sabre clan. I did not wish to leave, but if I was to survive, it was the only choice I could make. And the clan had already suffered enough with the loss of Tamlen. I suppose, in a sense, it has lost me, most of them already considering me dead. If not, it is unlikely that I shall have contact with them, given they have long since traveled north to other lands.

It has been interesting, my time here with my traveling companions. They are human for the most part. One is a Qunari, one an elf, though not Dalish. I son't suppose he's really one of those that we sometimes here of that live among the humans, either. And then there is a rather interesting companion, a golem. I don't know much of her, given she isn't that talkative. From what I've learned of Dwarven history, I can't blame her.

As for my human companions, they have helped me to see that even among their kind, there is great diversity. Two are mages, and they are of greatly different backgrounds and beliefs. There is also Leliana, an Orlisian bard who is quite friendly, and has some interesting stories. Then there is my fellow Warden, Alistair. Though he is my senior, and also an heir to the throne, he has given me the command of our group, and with the tasks of gaining the aid we need for defeating the darkspawn. I believe that he is merely uncertain of himself, and only needs to be pushed in the right direction. I hope so, given that tomorrow we go to a Landsmeet, where the true ruler shall be established.

I think that this journey has truly opened my eyes to how vastly our cultures are, and that despite our differences, we all need each other.

I know what the future holds. I know what I must do. It is my wish, my hope, that in doing so, I provide the catalyst for all our races to put aside our differences, and embrace one another. I hope that everyone will benefit from my sacrifice.

Third Person Sample:


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